How much does a one year sabbatical in Costa Rica cost? (Part 1)

Part 1- running expenses We are asked often how much did our one year sabbatical in Costa Rica cost? Of course, it all depends on lifestyles as well as the size of the family. But before our trip we had read that, on average, the running expenses are between 12000-14000 US$ per person for a … More How much does a one year sabbatical in Costa Rica cost? (Part 1)

The power of dreams

A dear friend recently reminded me of the power of drawings. I revisited the drawings that I made before leaving for the sabbatical with my wishes for the year in Costa Rica. This is what became of them…

The transit is over!

The other day, I suddenly felt tired of travelling. Anyone that knows me a bit would know that this is NOT normal. When I told Frank, he said that he felt the same. “It is no wonder”- he added, “since we had been in transit for several weeks…changing houses almost every week”.  No kidding. Four … More The transit is over!

Week 11. Gelukt.

De tweede poging om op het vliegtuig te stappen ging van een leien dakje. Zozeer zelfs dat we het achteraf behoorlijk saai vonden. Nadat we vorige week dinsdag en woensdag druk in de weer waren en gestressed om de dierenarts die zijn oorspronkelijke belofte niet nakwam, ging het vanaf donderdag allemaal gesmeerd. … More Week 11. Gelukt.