About us

CFKWe are a Spanish-Dutch couple living in Sweden with our adopted family: a wonderful dog and cat. We both work at the university of Lund. Cristina works with innovation for sustainable development and Frank is a research engineer.  We are nature and animal lovers. We enjoy trekking in the mountain, the forest and watching wildlife above and under water.  When we are not working, you can find us in wildlife rich places, basking in the sun, diving in warm waters, watching sci-fi movies or hanging in  a hammock with our favourite book.

Kika laughing
This is Kika. She was abandoned in the mountains in Spain when she was one year old. The Universe (and probably her endless quest for food) brought her to where we were laying on a hammock…and she has been with us ever since. She loves FOOD and us, in that order. She likes to play with noisy toys whenever possible (but specially if we are enjoying quietness and silence) and she loves to lay in the sun above 40oC.

And this is “Her Majesty” Matilda. She was adopted from a shelter when she was about a year old. Underneath her beautiful looks hides a ruthless hunter (yep! looks are deceiving). She is so kind that always brings her catches home to share with us. The most extraordinary thing is that she does all of it (including dragging the catches through a ramp to bring them home) with only 3 teeth.