The Kafkaesque challenge of driving (legally) in Costa Rica

So, we recently found out that our European driving license is only valid for three months. After that, apparently, if you get caught by the police, not only do you get a fine, but they take away your car plates. Needless to say, that is a bit of an inconvenience in this country. So, we … More The Kafkaesque challenge of driving (legally) in Costa Rica

We made it!

After 10 months and 15 days we are back to Costa Rica!!. Yipieeeeeeeeeeee! And what is best: This time it is for good! OMG, it feels so good to say it out loud! Behind us are very hectic weeks and months, many sleepless nights and endless to do lists. Not to speak about the number … More We made it!

Post-sabbatical blues

I had read about the post-sabbatical blues and the strategies to manage” the reentry” well before we set out for our sabbatical.   But nothing, I repeat, nothing prepared me for the shock that I experienced going back to Sweden and my “life behind a computer” after the sabbatical in Costa Rica.  For me, the year in Costa … More Post-sabbatical blues