Reasons to celebrate

After many months of struggle, with constant ups and downs, steps forward and backward, little and not-so little panics and roller-coaster feelings…. Today we have many reasons to celebrate.  We have written before about the paperwork struggles, particularly to get the drivers licence. The endless queues in full sun for nothing. The trips all over Costa Rica … More Reasons to celebrate

Not a minor problem : a new network

About two and a half years ago, I decided to start a company to build database applications for NGOs, biologists, government agencies and other actors in nature conservation. However, what do they need so urgently that they will pay for it? One could simply ask them. Right? Yes, except that I did not have a network in nature conservation. This blog is about how I am changing it. … More Not a minor problem : a new network

Home sweet home

A few days ago, as I looked around to the house where we are living now, a wooden cabin in a nature reserve, I suddenly missed having a “home”. As in a more or less permanent place.  I realized that we have been living among suitcases and boxes for months.  In fact, as I think … More Home sweet home

The Kafkaesque challenge of driving (legally) in Costa Rica

So, we recently found out that our European driving license is only valid for three months. After that, apparently, if you get caught by the police, not only do you get a fine, but they take away your car plates. Needless to say, that is a bit of an inconvenience in this country. So, we … More The Kafkaesque challenge of driving (legally) in Costa Rica

Digital nomad crap

So, Cristina and I landed in Costa Rica and continued working, almost as normal. Except, it seems, I just traded my office for a coffee bar, the company laptop for my own, and the grey Lund winter for the sunny tropics: the digital nomad’s life. Yes, but no, not like that. … More Digital nomad crap