Volunteering creates a network

About two and a half years ago, I decided to start a company to build database applications for biologists, NGOs, companies, government agencies and other actors in nature conservation. However, what do they need so urgently that they will pay for it? One could simply ask them. Right? Yes, except that I did not have a network in nature conservation. This is the second blog about how I am changing it. … More Volunteering creates a network

Post-sabbatical blues

I had read about the post-sabbatical blues and the strategies to manage” the reentry” well before we set out for our sabbatical.   But nothing, I repeat, nothing prepared me for the shock that I experienced going back to Sweden and my “life behind a computer” after the sabbatical in Costa Rica.  For me, the year in Costa … More Post-sabbatical blues

The transit is over!

The other day, I suddenly felt tired of travelling. Anyone that knows me a bit would know that this is NOT normal. When I told Frank, he said that he felt the same. “It is no wonder”- he added, “since we had been in transit for several weeks…changing houses almost every week”.  No kidding. Four … More The transit is over!