The journey began more than a year ago, and now we have a blog

I cannot even remember when it started, but Cris and I had been cherishing the idea of a sabbatical for a while. We’ve both been working for twenty years non-stop and it is time for a break. Over a year ago we marked a year in our calendars: 2020 (Only now that I write it down, I notice what a beautiful number it is.) The ‘where’ was not immediately set, but now we know it is going to be Costa Rica. I’m sure we’ll get back to the reasons for that choice.

Cris, who loves organizing trips and who is really good at it, started organizing right away. You’ll find out more about that too. However, only last autumn, we thought it might be a good – though not original – idea to start a blog. Not just about the actual sabbatical, but also about the preparations, and who knows, perhaps also about the aftermath.

Then we got stuck at finding the right name for the blog. You may have no clue as to what considerations go into that, and then when you finally come up with a name, you find out that the domain is already taken. In February, I made an executive decision on a preliminary, mind-blowingly-boring name, and started a blog. The reason for the sudden hurry and the unilateral decision was that Cris actually was in Costa Rica for a preparations tour around the country. Meanwhile, she is back, and brought inspiration with her for the blog’s current name.

In any case, the blog-show is on the road. We hope you’ll enjoy it and we appreciate all feedback: both the cheers and the critiques.

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