It’s official, we are getting nervous

Before summer holidays, we still had more than six months to go before 2020. Almost seven months if we took the day of the flight. It all still felt comfortably distanced from the here and now. Within the blink of a summer’s eye, it feels completely different now.

Yesterday we received potential tenants for our apartment, showed them around and got acquainted. It was not the first step in the entire process of renting out our apartment, nor the last, not the first step of all the preparations, nor the last, but we both realized we are getting nervous.

To me, it feels like the ‘exam’ nerves: we made quite some progress with our preparations during the holidays and we still have four months left. So all lights are still in green. Then again, four months sounds like a lot but really isn’t that much anymore. The time has arrived that things have to fall in place – and stay there – at the right time. In exam terms, answers need to be provided soon, mistakes can be minimally corrected, so the answers need to be good.

However, there is another side to it. It is also the nervousness of the upcoming ‘big event’. More and more colleagues and friends are hearing about our plans and talking to them about it, each time makes it feel a bit closer by. If the universe allows us, it won’t be long before we step into a plane that will whisk us away to the rich coasts of a distant exotic country where we will be doing stuff neither of Cris nor me has done before. Isn’t it crazy exciting???!!!!


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