We made it!

Yesterday night, at around 17.00 local time we landed at Juan Santamaria International airport, close to San José, the capital of Costa Rica. After getting through passport control, luggage collection and check and finding a taxi, we arrived to our new home for the coming week. That was two in the morning in the Netherlands.

See? We made it. Claro!

I could write a blog post about each of the previous sentences but that might never happen. Why not, you, our dedicated blog-follower, may rightly ask? ‘No time’, is the answer. As you may have realised, the past four months Cris and I have been so incredibly busy that we could not even write one post per month, which was our average of the eight preceding months. The list of to-do’s was simply too long and the to-do’s too big. And, now that we are here, there is more of that. This morning, we still needed to buy a car, apply for a one-year visa, get a prepaid phone subscription, find a place with decent internet, visit friends and colleagues, do some shopping, and get rid of our jet-lag. We managed to tick some of those boxes, if only partly.

Then why am I writing this post? Well, if arriving at the place after we, and especially Cris, have been spending so much effort and preparation on is not a good reason to write a post, then what would be? Not writing now, would probably be the end of this blog as far as I am concerned.

Sorry, dear reader, for having left you all alone for the past months. I have started to do better with this post, so hopefully you feel confident that there is more to come.

What remains is to at least give you some photo impressions of our trip. That is as soon as I manage to upload them. If they are not here, then do come back later.

All our stuff for this year, and Matilda in one corner, while waiting for the train. Fortunately, the Dutch railroads did not let us down
I wanted to have two highlights of the Dutch cuisine before leaving: Apple pie (good, but not as good as my mom makes it), and small ‘stroopwafels’.
Matilda endured the 12 hours in the plane quite well in her new extendable travel bag.
Almost there. The valley of the San José agglomeration
A Dreamliner called Lily.

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