Home quarantine and cats

This is an automatic translation of a post originally published in Spanish

The other day I read a pretty funny article in El País about how the coronavirus quarantine helps to better understand cats. I am not going to reproduce the full article, which can be read here  (in spanish), but rather go to a specific anecdote that the author mentions and that came to my memory this morning.

The author tells how, to pass the hours, he plays a game of chess with a friend using a real board. One moves the chip, takes a photo and sends it to the other who, from his own board in his own house, emulates the move. The process would not have more difficulty if it were not for the author having two cats. And of course, the author’s cat, like a good cat, cannot resist jumping onto the board and playing with the chips. Those of you who have cats know well how skilled they are with their paws …


The result is, as the author indicates, that his entire apartment has been turned into a chessboard. The queen in the bathroom, the bishop behind the ficus plant, and the tower castled under the furnace and so.

You will surely be wondering why I am telling you about all this. Well, because this morning when sweeping the house (yes, today was the day) I have been finding pieces around the house, as if it were a puzzle. One under the sofa. Another in the middle of the kitchen. A third in the bathroom. All green and super pretty.

But not chess pieces as in the article. No.

Pieces of what I  guess was, in its moment of glory, one of the leaf grasshoppers.

That is, before Matilda crossed its path.

As the saying goes: when the devil has nothing to do … he kills flies with his tail. Or grasshoppers, in this case.


The original model with all the pieces

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