Part II. How an economist, a computer engineer and a gardener embarked in the construction of a garage. And succeeded!

Act 4. The beams

The day after Frank set to cut the bamboo. We needed bamboo sticks of 6,5 meters long for the beams. But since the sticks are so long, we estimated that one good straight bamboo stick could serve for two beams. So, Frank set to the task.

Act 5. The finger and the frustrated career as a guitarist

One nanosecond after I left the balcony from where I was making the videos of Frank, I hear a shout from the kitchen. “Cris, come down. I cut myself with the machete”.

I flew downstairs with the first aid kit to find Frank washing the wound and trying to stop the bleeding. It was a deep cut, but fortunately a very clean one. Something that could be dealt with some Betadine and a good bandage and hopefully would not require any stitches.

But Frank was quite shattered by the incident which had scared him a lot. So, he spent the entire day thinking about the finger.

Or better said. What would have happened if he had cut his finger badly….

So, we were having lunch, and suddenly he made a pose as a guitarist and said to me, “See? If I had been a guitarist, I would not be able to play”…Yes, I said, “but fortunately you are not a guitarist. But a research engineer. Else, we would need to cancel all your concerts. But since you are not a guitarist, it saves us some work”, trying to make him laugh a little bit and take his mind out of the loop in he was immersed.

Either because of that or because of the scare was finally over, the next morning he was finally feeling much better. And the finger too.

Act 6 The roof and grand finale

After the beams were ready, we started with the roof.

Reinforcing the beams

And in one afternoon and one morning, our “garage” is now ready. Not one second too early…Five minutes after parking the car in the “garage” it started raining. No, not raining, pouring. So we could put the roof to the test. Not one single drop felt on to the car!! So, we are now ready for the rainy season!!


The happy building team

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