Taking pleasure in the small things in life

Today I woke up before the alarm totally rested. The sun was shining in the room and the jungle was awake. I could hear the collared forest falcon with his early pooouu pooouu. In the distance the howlers and the scarlet macaws. In between, the “pipopipos” (the wood rails).

Just like every morning.

But today, somehow, I stood there, fully aware of the happy morning sounds.

And I realized that I got so used to those sounds in the background that I didn’t hear them anymore. It made me realize how many things have become the “new normal” that I do not notice them any longer.

So I started paying attention again. And taking pleasure in the small things in life. Right now and here.

Like being able to wear a dress and flip flops the entire day.

Open the shutters and seeing a beautiful blue sky.

Waking up rested, besides your loved one.

Eating ripe papaya for breakfast.

Sitting outside in the porch, watching a giant blue morpho flapping her heavy wings as if she was drunk

Seeing a couple of Red Macaws flying over.

Hearing the chirping of the birds all day long

And finding our resident hummingbird perched in the same branch every day

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird_DSC04115

Having a phone call with a dear friend and hearing her voice.

Getting smiles and greetings when we walk around the neighborhood.

Or hearing the neighbor happily singing while working…

I was telling Frank about this insight, and the small things that I noticed and that made me happy while we were having a coffee in the porch.

And when I was telling him this, he reached out and held my hand. And I noticed. And it made me smile.

2 thoughts on “Taking pleasure in the small things in life

  1. Es verdad.Cuantas veces no nos damos cuenta de la belleza que hay a nuestro alrededor, y la mayoría de esas veces, tiene que ver con el estado de ánimo.
    por cierto, me encanta “vuestro”colibrí.


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