Fourteen kilos of carrots later

I made it!!! The Soyuz was successfully landed in Mars. I mean, I successfully managed to prepare the dishes for the animals at the center!!

And as of today, no one has died of food poisoning. So I call it a success.

It seems that the managers at the center liked it as well. I have been asked to be in charge of the preparation of the food plates every sunday from now onwards. Yabadabaduuuuuuu!

I am super glad about it. Somehow, I enjoyed the challenge a lot!! After the first half hour of stress, I really started to relax and enjoy the show. Chop, Chop, Chop.

At 11 I had finished already all the dishes that needed to be prepared before lunch. Basically, I was one hour ahead of schedule. So I started thinking that I had forgotten something… I checked with the manager and my list of to do’s and everything seemed to be in order.

The labels were a major success among the volunteers and staff delivering the food

So I started preparing the plates for the afternoon. At 1430 all plates were done, even the night ones, so I could start cleaning the kitchen. At 1530, like a clock, I was done and ready to go home. Exhausted but happy!

This whole experience has made me think about transferable skills. They make it easier to tackle new challenges. In a previous post, I mentioned how I prepared for the challenge ahead of preparing the meals for the animals. In essence, I approached it using transferable skills: the capacity to plan a project, break it down into tasks, organize it effectively and resourcefully and work under pressure to deliver on time.

My notes with the plates and the list with the sequence of tasks

The best part? The project finishes when the dishes are delivered on time. No papers or publications several months or years down the line. Just immediate, wonderful, happy reward! Here and now!

A customer, waiting just outside the kitchen

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