You cannot work when it is raining!!

Today it was one of our first volunteering days at the nature reserve. After feeding the animals that are about to be released and cleaning their cages, I joined Frank in the highly intellectual task of ….cleaning the leaves on the paths. 

Rak, rak, rak. 

Rak, rak, rak.

Rak, rak, Burrruuuuummmmmm!

A thunder. 

As it happens in the tropics, two nano seconds later, it started raining. 

Oh, well, I thought, I can hardly feel the rain under the canopy, so I will continue raking.  

A couple of minutes later, I see Frank coming up the path. “I am going inside”, he said. It is raining.

Why? I enquired. One can hardly feel the rain here. 

Ok, he said, and joined me with the raking. 

We were happily raking the leaves when we hear the manager running up the hill waving his hands and shouting something that we couldn’t hear because of the rain. Oh well!


 can ….





he said, breathless.

He bent over to catch his breath and resumed talking. It is too dangerous. 

– Because of the rain? I asked (thinking that he has never been in Lund in winter…)

– Nope, because of all the branches that tend to fall when it rains. 

Ah! Of course! It made all sense. Every time that it rains hard, it is actually quite common to have branches and even entire trees falling down. (Side note, we have learnt how important it is to look up when you park the car on this side of the world…)

So, we took our rakes and walked home. 

I like this! Frank said! I wish they had the same rule in Sweden. We could picture the film on our heads. Our head of the department calling home and saying: Oh sorry, it is raining! you cannot work!. Ha! 

Wouldn’t it be nice? I love this country! 

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