Howler monkeys and meowing cats

This is an automatic English translation of a post originally published in Spanish


Sorry, did I say we can already enjoy the silence? It must have been a slip.

4 am or soe. I am awakened by a cat meowing around the house. It must be the resident street cat that the owner of the house has told us about, who has finally realized that there are tenants and wants to enter … or to be fed. I turn around and curdle again.

5:22 in the morning. It is still almost dark and I have just been awakened by the roars of the howler monkeys. They are very punctual. As the thick blackness of the night begins to lighten, the howler monkeys begin their routine of announcing LOUDLY that it is time to wake up. I turn around and keep dozing. Beside me, Frank sleeps like a log, as if it didn’t bother him at all. I think he can’t believe he doesn’t have to sleep with the noise-canceling headphones. And his eardrum apparently automatically cancels howler monkeys. Anyway, I turn around and doze off again.

05:59 am. Mirrriauuuuu! Mirriauuuuu! There is a cat rubbing its whiskers on my face. Purruuu Purruuu Purrruuuu. Wow, it’s going to be time to give Matilda the insulin and feed her. And … three, two, one … wow wow wow wow … the alarm goes off. Pffffff! I get out of bed with one eye half-closed and start preparing the glucometer, lancets, insulin, and food.

Fifteen minutes later I am doing my yoga exercises. Frank, as you can imagine, is still happily in a coma. I take a shower and go out to the porch for coffee. There Manchita awaits me, and a hubbub of birds of different colors and sizes, jumping from branch to branch in search of something to eat. Tuuuui, Tuuuui: purriii, purriii, ca ca ca ca ca; Fiiiiu. Fiiiiiu; Tsi, Tsi, Tsi (the hummingbird).

Ahhhhhh! At last! ;-). The “silence” that we were looking forward so much.


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