A day in the hominidus vulgaris quarentensis

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Some weeks ago we bought a camera trap. I will not explain here the ordeal of ordering a camera trap in Amazon to be delivered in Costa Rica when the address “tico style goes something like this…(this is an illustrative address)

To: Cristina and Frank

From Puerto Jimenez to Golfito, from the pulpería la Joya, in the direction towards the river, first street to the left, then second to the right, after 250 meters, house painted in wine red, close to the street, under the mango tree, Golfito, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Suffice to say that the Address field in the Amazon template is not large enough for the beginning of the address. So, Amazon has found a brilliant solution. You get a phone call to ask which is the closest post office to your house and they send it there…by bus. Amazingly enough it arrives only 3 weeks later!!

But well. Let me focus again in the matter at hand. We finally got the camera trap (camtrap) and we couldn’t wait to try it. We figured that giving the wildlife that we can see around the house while we are watching, it would be teaming with wildlife while we were not watching.

So, full of expectations Frank placed the camera in the garden for the night.

Next morning we couldn’t hardly wait to finish breakfast to check the camera. There were 26 photos. Wow! we clustered around the screen to see…(hear the drums!!) 26 photos of Frank placing the camera. Well, to be fair, there were 5 tests before taking the camera out, 11 placing it and 10 the morning after when collecting the camera. NOTHING in between.

Oh well, we thought. May be the camera was too close to the house. So, for the next night Frank placed the camera a bit further into the forest and we left it for two nights. On the third morning, we took the card again in full expectation and……

NA-DA. Again. Zero. Null.

So, we decided to turn the camera to ourselves and trap the mysterious behavior of the hominidus vulgaris cuarentensis….and this is what we found…

9 thoughts on “A day in the hominidus vulgaris quarentensis

  1. ‘Me meo’ (no english translation available, sorry).
    I am amazed to see that you are over 30C all day, even in the evening. Today it snowed in Madrid.
    The time-lapse video shows two hominidus eating all day :DDDDD
    Abrazo enorme and good luck with the camtrap!


    1. Yes it’s over 30C all day. In the morning the camtrap rgisters 31C already, but that is because it is in the sun. In the shade it is a lot cooler. Maybe ‘only’ 25C. No complaint really, but we are getting so used to it that in the second half of the night we are getting ‘cold’ at that temperature and need a blanket.


  2. Hahaha great fun to watch the two of you! Would have loved to see your plates though – What were you eating? Now that would be interesting 😉
    Love and misses both of you guys! ❤


  3. I don’t understand the post … Am I supposed to look for two vulgar humans in quarantine or what do you mean? I don’t see any pictures of you two…???


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