Living in the garden of Eden

There is something very special in picking up fruits directly from the garden. It is not only that they can ripe until it is really their time but, if produced organically, they taste like no other fruit that you can buy in the market. Maybe it is only psychological. It is yours and thus it tastes better. But I truly believe that it is not only tastier but also much healthier.

In the house where we are living now, we are blessed to have many fruit trees. Tropical fruit trees. And the green light from the owner to pick up as many as we want. We just need to step out of the house and…taraaaaaa!, we are in the garden of Eden.

And not because of the snakes (which we have also) but the tropical fruit trees. Bananas, Pineapples, Mangos, Papayas, Grapefruits, and Coconuts are scattered around the garden and just some steps away, also mandarine-limes and water apples. Frank has taken the habit of having coconut meat as a snack, instead of peanuts. We used the green bananas for the patacones (a kind of banana chips) and the ripe ones for fried bananas (with cinnamon, as the Ticos do), and the mandarine-limes and grapefruits, for the limonade which we drink for lunch. We are still waiting for the first Mangos and Papayas from our garden, but as you can see in the photos, they are growing nicely and soon we will be able to pick up the pineapples too. We just can not wait!

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