Funny dreams

Today I had a fantastic dream. Not as in daydreaming but like a real dream -dream, while sleeping.

It was so great that I cannot help but sharing it with you.

In my dream, Sir David Attenborough was personally calling us to ask if we could go work for him.

Ha!! 🙂

He wanted us to collect some data in the jungle for him as he was getting old and couldn’t do it himself.

He also asked us to take care of his collection of exotic animals at home. Or should I say mini-animals, since they had all been reduced to toy size so as to fit in his house. Gorillas the size of a fist, or monkeys with babies the size of a thumb…all nicely distributed in different rooms in his mansion.

I had to tell him that taking care of the animals would be no problem but that we would probably need to learn specific techniques to do the field data collection since we were social scientists.

To what he answered that it would not be any problem. That he had heard about our work in conservation and wanted us to work for him.

I was so, so incredibly happy that…

I woke up!

I HAD to tell Frank that we had made it. That we were hired. That we could work in conservation!! With the very best!!

I, of course, had to wait almost 3 hours more for Frank to wake up to share the fantastic news.

Like a small kid waiting for the permission of the parents to open the Christmas presents.

David Attenborough? he said…

Conservation?…he added

…. The best in conservation? he asked with a skeptical tone…

I don’t think so. Attenborough is not a conservationist. He does nature documentaries.

Just like that.

And with this shower of reality….my dream was over. And I FINALLY woke up to reality. Or, did I…

Maybe, maybe…one day…..



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