The lazy whale watcher

After we had arrived in Drake, and were enjoying the view on the garden and the ocean, I asked Cristina when the whales should arrive. In July, she said. The whales are Humpback wales. They pass by Drake on their way to the Golfo Dulce where they go to deliver their baby whales.

‘So, why haven’t we seen one yet?’ I asked jokingly. ‘After all, it is the first of July’. At the end of the afternoon, I decided to point the telescope at the horizon, and … tadadaaaaa … there they were. I could not believe my eyes! Well, we did not actually see the whales, we saw the vapor fountains of their blows. The next day, in the restaurant, the owner told us that the season had really started, because ‘they’ had spotted three wales. So, it was a lucky spot. Have a look at the video.

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