The end of the sabbatical melancholy

Today, the 31st of December we are finally leaving the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and moving towards Monteverde. As we head north, we leave behind much more than just a place. The end of the year is also the end of our sabbatical. 

Behind us are nearly 12 months of pure bliss in this absolutely wonderful country.

We have worked hard, learnt a lot and made new friends. Both feathered and non-feathered.

I feel extremely grateful for this extraordinary life experience. And I am so incredibly happy that we decided to do it!

But as I sit in the balcony watching the wildlife, I feel sad as well. I have this overwhelming feeling that this might be the last time that I see the spider monkeys swinging from tree to tree, the toucans calling each other from the highest branch or the laughing falcon announcing the end of the day as the couples of red-lored parrots fly over the house on their way to their sleeping tree, deep in the forest with their happy “Piri-piri-pling-pling”

I see the animals going on their daily business unaware of the fact that these humans, who have been looking at them for almost 5 months, will soon be gone. 

And yes, we knew that the sabbatical would end. That it was just temporary. A break in our normal life. But it has been so fulfilling, stimulating and relaxing that I wish it could last forever. Who wouldn’t?  

I guess that the best strategy now is to think about what we have learnt about this sabbatical and how can we use it when we go back to Lund, to our jobs and our life in Sweden. This is what all the books about sabbaticals recommend to get over the end of the sabbatical blues: reflect on what you have learnt, explore new options and accept change. Plus, as many people suggest the best way to get over the post-sabbatical blues is to start planning your next sabbatical. 😉

But as of today and now, I do not feel like doing anything of the sort. I just want to spend the time watching the wildlife from the balcony and going through the farewells with some of our new friends. Being in the here and in the now. Tomorrow will be another day.

One thought on “The end of the sabbatical melancholy

  1. Your sabbatical has brought, raised, and delivered quite a few learnings to somebody else. I think that we all, your readers, have taken also something from you. Thank you for sharing the pictures, videos, experiences, and over all, the deep thought reflections.


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