It’s the final countdown!

These days, as we go through the check lists of things to do before leaving Costa Rica, I have this song on my head almost at all times:

It’s the final countdoooooown!

Funny enough, I just realized that Europe (the music group) was actually a Swedish group. If that is NOT the Universe talking…I do not know what it is!

Today what triggered the music in my head was looking at the insuline schedule of Matilda for this last week. We need to slowly move the insuline times so that they get close to the insuline times in Europe (+7 hours). So we are moving her feeding and insuline times one hour every day (half hour in the morning and half in the afternoon).

She is, of course, not so happy. I do not know any animal that likes to have their food LATER than expected. Earlier is, of course, no problem.

The first day she was utterly displeased. But now she has somehow accepted that we might have gone nuts and are feeding her at random times. So she sleeps in close proximity to the fridge and the bowl…but at least does not miau. Fair enough!

If only she knew what lies ahead….😛

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