Surrealistic conversations

Yesterday I called the customer service of my bank here. For some misterious reason, I could not access the online bank because, according to the system, I was not in Costa Rica….


The last time that I checked, Turrialba was in Costa Rica. And unless I felt into an interspace wormhole that transported me somewhere over night…I should still be in the country… 

So, time to reach customer service. Since we do not have mobile coverage at our new home, I decided to contact the customer service via Whatsapp (and through the Wifi connection at home). This is how it went…

– Hello, my name is blabla. How can I help you?

– Good afternoon, I tried to access my online bank yesterday, and I got an error message indicating that I could only access the bank from Costa Rica. But I am in Turrialba. So, I don’t understand.

– I see, Miss. So, you need to access your bank using your mobile data and then change the access location. 

– Oh! But the problem is that I do not have mobile coverage in the house, which is in the mountains, so I cannot use the mobile data either.


-(Me) Aló? Hello? Hola?

Some minutes later, when I had given up, I got a message. 

– Yes, Madam. We might be able to help you from here. Please send us your name, id number, mobile number and email. 

– That would be splendid. Here is the information.


(10 minutes later)

– Sorry, madam, but we are trying to CALL you, and we get the message that the phone is out of service. 

(Me). Breath-in, breath-out. 

Keep calm. 

But mainly.. whatever happens, DO-NOT-SHOUT…TRY TO BE NICE!

-Yes -I answered once that I had (sort of ) regained some control. “Maybe that could be because I do not have mobile coverage of the house? That is, I do not have a SIGNAL? No bars, no reception, nada? 

– Unfortunately, if we cannot reach you on the phone, we cannot help you. 

– Really? Can’t you check the IP number of the wifi or something? 

– Nope. But you can call 2112-2112 and maybe they will be able to help you

– REALLY? CALL? Arrrrrggggggggggg! 

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