Our first week in Costa Rica

This is an automatic english translation of a post originally published in Spanish

Today is our first week in Costa Rica. And according to our plans, we should already be in flip flops on the beach. However, we are still in San José, enduring the continuous noise of the cars, trucks, and buses of the year of the Matusalem, which pass through the city. The 24 hours of the day. The noise is such that even Matilda has asked us if we can give her some plugs and Frank sleeps with the noise-canceling headphones !.

But despite the discomforts, noise, and pollution, I haven’t felt so alive in a long time. I find it an immense luxury to have a papaya breakfast, go barefoot in the house, find natural fruit juices in any corner and go in a short sleeve. That people greet you on the street and that everyone is incredibly friendly and eager to help. Open the window and see a blue sky, with some very green mountains in the background. And have time. Lots of time.

We have been running from one place to another for so many months, trying to finish everything we had pending at work, closing the house, preparing the trip, that we have barely had time for ourselves. Since we have arrived, and despite having done millions of things, the days are very long. We have time to do morning exercises, read or write a blog. I said, a LUXURY.

Nor do I speak of what it will be when we are on the beach, in our hammock, watching and listening to the birds, instead of the Tralapa buses or the cargo trucks that pass us by the ear every 30 seconds. But to know how we are doing around there, you will have to read the blog in Spanish next week.

Because starting this Saturday we will be in our little house on the beach, truly starting the vacation! We will leave behind the immigration procedures, the purchase of the car, the opening of the bank account, the telephone contract, and all the other administrative tasks (tedious but necessary) that have kept us so busy this first week. I can’t wait to start the holidays!

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