Welcome to the jungle!

We have now arrived to what will be our home for the next four months. The trip was “almost” uneventful. Almost. Let me explain.

We left the central pacific with blue sky and full sun. It was even too hot. But as we were approaching the Osa Peninsula, it suddenly got dark. Let me repeat. It SUDDENLY got dark.

Not like we are used in Europe, “slowly” getting cloudy and seeing a storm come. Nope. One minute the sky was blue and the next it was hell on earth.

We should have seen the signs. Well, we DID, but we didn’t know how to interpret them. Suddenly, the motorbikers stopped on the side of the road and sat on the floor. Sharp as always, I turned to Frank and said, I think that it is going to r…


And hell broke loose. Literally. Like someone up there decided to empty a lake on our car. Without warning. Or so it felt.

A potential sign of rain? Nah, it will pass.

Needless to say that, in that precise moment, we realized that we had NO idea how to put the car wipers at the highest speed. Argggggg! My family well knows that I tend to confuse the wipers with the blinkers, and clean the windows every time that I turn left.

Or right.

But in my defense, I should say that it only happens in countries that drive on the other side of the road. Obviously, the wrong side.

This is not the case in Costa Rica…so I have no excuse. But let me go back to the story.

In between the thunderstorm noise, I managed to ask Frank to get the manual of the car and find out how to increase the speed of the wipers. Instead, I got the whole manual and something that sounded like “look it up yourself. No leo español sufficiamente.”. OK. Message received. Frank was getting even more nervous. So, we stopped the car on what looked like the side of the road. We were not sure as we couldn’t see a shit.

And just as it started…the rain stopped. And our car was suddenly grey again (not the dusty white that left Monteverde).

An hour and some rains later, we made it to our new home. It is exactly as we had pictured it. A beautiful house in the jungle. We see red macaws from the porch and the iguanas sleep in the tree in front of the balcony. There are amazing grasshoppers that look like leaves. And hummingbirds. And giant morpho butterflies. And…we love it! We are ready for the adventure!

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