It’s raining!! And it is not (only) water

So, it is official. The rainy season has now arrived to stay. It started with a small shower at the end of the day. And day by day it moved earlier in the day. But still, it rained only once a day. But now it can rain several times a day. And when it rains, it pours.

But that is only water. Admittedly LOTS of it, but just water.

But with the arrival of the rainy season, we have witnessed some more mysterious rain. Sometimes, it rains….bugs! Puzzled? Yes, we are too. 

But it is not only water that is falling from the sky these days. It is something more puzzling…

The other day, when we opened the doors to the porch we discovered that the floor, which is usually yellow, was nearly black. We still do not know what had happened that particular night, but there were thousands of small insects -like fruit flies- dead on the floor.

It has not been the killing flipflop because I am almost certain that she was resting under the bed.

As sorry as we were for the little bugs, we broomed them -unceremoniously- and returned them to mother earth. We didn’t think much of them the entire day apart from a comment here and there over breakfast about how strange that massive death was.

That night, we were sitting on the porch about to start dinner when suddenly we started feeling that some things were falling on the table, on our dishes, on the pan, the wine glasses. Yes, you have guessed it. Episode 2 of the “it’s raining insects” miniseries had started. Without any warning, hundreds of insects were falling dead from the sky. Again.

At my side, Frank had fully embraced the insect diet and was eating his dinner as if nothing was happening. Two measures of rice and beans, one of the bugs. While one or two small bugs were not particularly bothering me, the “bug rain” was seriously affecting my capacity to enjoy dinner. So we decided to continue the dinner inside. With windows and doors completely locked.

The next morning, when opening the porch door we found again a Dantesque spectacle. As in the previous morning, the floor was littered with dead bugs. Rewind and play. Broom. Back to Earth. Even more unceremoniously than the previous day.

The bug rain went on for 3 nights. And then, as sudden as it started, it was gone. Like completely gone. There can be “only” two possible explanations:

1. Either the whole species had gone extinct or

2. Whatever was triggering this mass behavior was over. The moon? The rain? The singing of the neighboring Karaoke?

I am afraid we will never know..for sure








7 thoughts on “It’s raining!! And it is not (only) water

  1. With the arrival of the rains some animals change habits. The mysterious death of those insects … will it be the natural process of death after reproduction? Maybe.


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