Nat Geo live from the house

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Images are powerful tools to convey messages. But there is nothing like a video to instantly transport you to the shoes of the person that has filmed it.

In this time of confinement we wanted to provide you a small window to see some of the animals in action that we have seen in Costa Rica.

Red Macaws – Lapas rojas

Scarlet Macaws / Lapas rojas


Pizote going through our compost – Pizote en nuestro compost

Squirrel Monkeys – Monos Titi

Squirrel monkeys – Monos Titi

Anteater – Oso hormiguero

Anteater – Oso Hormiguero Corcovado NP

Howler monkeys – Monos aulladores

Howlers – Aulladores

Capuchin monkeys – Monos capuchinos

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