What are the three songs that make you happy?

A joint post by Frank and Cristina

Like really, really happy. So happy you can not help but start dancing like nobody is watching?

In times like these, when it is easy to feel blue, listening to these songs might lift your spirits. So, we would like to propose a challenge to all those reading this post. Try to think of those three songs that make you truly happy.  And listen to them!!

And, if you want, why not sharing them? We would LOVE to hear from you on which are those happy songs. You can give your answer in the comments. Who knows? we might start a happy song library ;-).

So, we start. Here are ours.

The three happy songs of Frank

Iggy Pop, Lust for Life ( Nr 3 for Frank )

How could this not be on the list? The title is all happiness, and the music too with its snappy drumbeat, but the lyrics do exactly the opposite. Better not listen to them. Iggy, always interesting to watch on stage, shows how the dancing is done in this video. Together with the boys from Trainspotting. It seems to me, he is enjoying it here a lot more than in many other on-stage videos. The music, by the way, is written by David Bowie.

Fatboy Slim, The sound of Milwaukee ( Nr 2 for Frank )

As far as I am concerned music-wise the nineties were thoroughly ruined with hiphop, grunge, and house music. I was SO glad when all that crap was over. When it comes to house music, I must admit that I was turned around by the so-called ‘chemical house’, named after the Chemical Brothers, but also really well done by Fat Boy Slim. This song makes me happy and dancing because of the funny sounds. While you’re digging into Fatboy Slim, do check out Weapon of choice with Christopher Walken as you never saw him – well unless you knew that he was trained as a tap dancer before he started acting.

The Fratellis, Chelsea Dagger (Nr. 1 for Frank)

When I lived in collective ‘t Piepke in Enschede, I used to be serially addicted to songs that I came across. I would play them over and over again and very loud while I was cooking. I guess that my housemates at that time did not always appreciate it, but they never complained. Thank you all!

It is unfortunate that the Fratellis brought out only one record. Their song ‘Chelsea dagger‘ was a worldwide hit. For good reasons. I find it super happy, not only because it is very catching and danceable, but you can so incredibly well shout along with the refrain. Padadadap padadadap padadadadadadap. If you like this shouting along, then do check out Flathead on the same record.

The three happy songs of Cristina

That is hard question!! Which are the top 3 songs that make me happy? Like instantly happy. And I NEED to dance?. After lots of listening and dancing, I ended up with a top 10, including Aquí no hay playa from the Refrescos, or Quiero un camión of Loquillo ;-).  But, I will try to play by our own rules and trim it down to a top 3. Here they are:

Juan Luis Guerra, Me sube la Bilirrubina (Nr 3 for Cris)

Almost any song of Juan Luis Guerra would trigger happy feet for me. Visa para un Sueño (Visum for a Dream), Ojalá que llueva Café en el Campo (Hopefully it will rain coffee in the countryside) and close contenders. Many of his songs have a profound social protest content, they talk about the hardship of living in developing countries, how much people dream for a visa to migrate or for a good harvest. But the Bilirrubina is mostly about love and it is both in the lyrics and in the rhythm a genuinely happy song!

Maldita Nerea, El secreto de las Tortugas (Nr 2 for Cris)

Suuuper energetic song that seems to talk to me in one way or another every time. As I was listening to it for this post it seemed to talk about traveling, borders, exploring the world…together. “Y ahora estamos, camino de la frontera, disfrutando a poquitos la vida entera” (And now we are on our way to the border, enjoying life bit by bit). It also reminds me of my brother, who gave me a CD with this song some time ago. This is the original song, but I would also recommend the version with the Delincuentes.

Shakira, Waka Waka (Nr 1 for Cris).

I do not know what makes this song so special but I cannot help but run to the dance floor when I hear the first accords. No matter how tired I am. It is the one that would always cheer me up. It is not the relation to football for sure. May be is the combo with African rhythms, which I love. Or the fact that I always hear Chami Chamina dede Waka Waka he he. And that always brings a smile! Or because it reminds me of a very happy time on my life in Lund, with so many dear friends. Or simply because… “This time IS for Africa”.

Our joint list

One doesn’t need to have to have good ear to realize that we have different musical tastes. Oh well, very different musical taste. For our long trips, we had to explore some music that could speak to both. Good news is that there are some!! Here are our top joint happy songs

The Cat Empire, One Four Five

Edward Sharp and the magnetic zeros, I am going home

Lou Bega, Mambo number 5

So, what are you waiting for? Go and listen to your 3 happiest songs. And if you want to share, we would be happy to hear which ones those are!

Happy dancing!!

9 thoughts on “What are the three songs that make you happy?

  1. Yet another friend send her list over email. I am copying it below

    Somehow the 80s music makes me happy. Also adding a more recent song by Timberlake

    and maybe a 70s Blue Swede song while I am at it:


  2. Two friend who remain anonymous sent in their lists through different means. With their consent, I am copying them below.

    3 Metallica: Motorbreath

    2 The Prodigy: Climbatize

    1 Lucky Fonz lll: ik heb een meisje

    and the other friend’s list:

    3: Liquido: Narcotic

    2 Canned Heat: going up the country

    1 Feufollet: ouvre la porte


  3. This is just an amazing idea. Thanks!
    Here below are my three top happy songs.
    (1) Hanson (1997), ‘Mmmbop’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHozn0YXAeE
    To me, an absolute friendship hymme (take a look at the lyrics). Today, dedicated to you 😉
    (2) Tones and I (2019), ‘Monkey Dance’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0hyYWKXF0Q
    Can’t control it. Like a snake in front of an indian snake enchanter. My body starts moving, shaking, trembling. UHA!
    (3) Van Halen (1983), ‘Jump’, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwYN7mTi6HM
    Can you stay on your feet and not shake your head, jump, or cry with this?
    Stay happy.
    Stay safe.


    1. Thanks a lot for this marvelous list, Cheli! I noticed you pasted the link of your number 1 also as number 2. I took the liberty to insert (hopefully) the right link under number 2. Hopefully, you don’t mind!


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