Giving the brain a rest…

Yes, it might sound crazy, but IT IS possible to give the brain a rest. All you need is a scrub, soap and a couple of hundred dishes to wash. And taraaaaaaaaaa. The miracle happened.

Let me explain.

We started the work at the wildlife rescue center this week, as Frank already reported. After the tour around the premises to familiarise us with the resident fauna and learn about their (mostly sad) stories on how they ended up in a rescue center, we were asked if we could start already that day. Of course! we responded in one voice.

Next we were asked to chose laundry or kitchen. Frank didn’t mind and I suddenly pictured myself happily chopping veggies for the animals. It sounded much more appealing than putting washing machines. Been there, done that…

So, kitchen!, I said. Next second, I am in front of three HUGE containers full with the dirty dishes to feed the animals.

Here is the scrub. Here is the soap. The plates with an X are for meat. Store them here. The rest go there by size, 1 to 5. You will learn soon. Have fun.

Uep! And so I start the mind numbing task of soaping, rinsing, drying, storing, changing water, starting again.

Two hours later I am done with the first container and head for the second one that smells of death and destruction. So much, that I see everyone that enters the kitchen looking for the corpse.

It is the first time since the start of the pandemics that I am glad to wear the mask. Really.

So, it is already 4 pm and I am done with the containers. Already 4? I think. It went so fast!! I didn’t even notice that it was so late. Frank is also done, so we start packing and head home. We are tired, but super happy and full of stories to tell each other about our day.

And then I realized that in those hours that I was working, not one single thought had crossed my mind. Zero. NADA.

I am astonished since I do not remember when was the last time that I had given my brain a rest (I guess it was gardening at C’s place). So I wanted to share with Frank this historical moment.

Yes, it was the same thing for me- he said. He had planned to use the time in the laundry to think about the databases for turtles, but then he was so absorbed by the work that he didn’t think about anything at all. Blank.

Another wonderful advantage of job downgrading.

And at least for a while, we are enjoying these tasks. And guess what? we are looking forward to repeat the experience tomorrow.

Muscle pain and rested mind. A wonderful combi!

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